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Where soulcare meets healthcare


The truth about ourselves and the limitations of modern medicine.


Living Fully
Now and

Into Your

What every Christian needs to know
about engaging with modern medicine to change the culture of death in America, one Christian family at a time. 
Forms didn't work for Hattie's 
mom and they're not working today. Use this tool to lift a burden off of yourself and your family. Create the ultimate gift for family, friends, pastors and physicians. 
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The Bible Study

The I’ll Have It God’s Way six-session Bible study is designed to be used with a small group. However, you can use it personally or engage your family as a group. It is especially appropriate for anyone over 65, any adult child of the elderly and anyone who is a family caregiver. You will discover it is a powerful communication tool to bring clarity to the way you want to engage healthcare and is best to do this while you're healthy! You will create the greatest gift you can ever give to your family, friends, physicians and clergy. Let knowledge and love cast out all fear.

Resources to use with this study


Book The book contains text, discussion questions, personal homework plus everything you need to create a clear and powerful no-fail Advance Directive. If you are one of the 25% of the American population that has an Advance Directive, here's the opportunity to confirm you have been specific enough in making your wishes known. You do not need an attorney, simply use the forms as directed.

Videos Each session starts with a video that contains information that is not in the written text. Some sessions have more than one video. These are all on one DVD for purchase and they are posted on this site free of charge. If a leader purchases the DVD for use with the group, anyone missing a session can come here to view what they missed or to review what they watched in the group session. Under "The Bible Study" tab above choose "Videos" where you'll find links to each lecture.

Music (optional) Music changes your brain chemistry. This is the reason I like to begin every study session with music! Suggestions for each session are provided and can be viewed free of charge.  Under "The Bible Study" tab above choose "Videos" where you will find links to the suggested music to open each session.

Advance Directives, even those prepared by attorneys, are often never seen or are ignored by physicians.

Table of Contents

My Story

Mom’s Story

What Happened to Me When I Turned 60

How to Use This Study

SESSION ONE: Accept That We Are Not God and We Will All Die

Personal Study

Reading 1: A Taste of Eden

Reading 2: Seek God’s Truth

SESSION TWO: Learn the Limits of Modern Medicine

Personal Study

Reading 3: There’s a Gentle Path

SESSION THREE: Understand Our Healthcare Choices

Personal Study

Reading 4: Create a Circle of Care​

SESSION FOUR: Choose a Proxy and Provide Specific Instructions

Personal Study

SESSION FIVE: Create the Best Gift Ever      

Personal Study

Reading 5: Start Living in God’s Kingdom Now​

SESSION SIX: Start Living in God’s Kingdom Now

          Personal Study


My Directive in Essay Form

Cliff Notes for the Psalms

Links to Videos

Tear out Pages to Create the Best Gift Ever


Bible Study Videos

In your copy of I'll Have It God's Way we refer you to this page to watch videos of Hattie's lectures and to enjoy music at the opening of each session. You can purchase videos of the lectures on one DVD.



1A  Welcome and Part 1

of the PBS Lecture


2A  Welcome and Part 2

of the PBS Lecture


3A  Welcome and Part 3

of the PBS Lecture

3B  Homework  FAQ

4A  Welcome and Part 4

of PBS Lecture

5A  Welcome and FAQs

5B  Hattie's Simple Directive

6A  Welcome 

6B  Closing Message



I Can Only Imagine



It Is Well



Precious Lord

Give Me Jesus

Heaven's Shore


Because He Lives


Session One

Accept That We Are Not God and We Will All Die            

Session Two

Learn the Limits of Modern Medicine

Session Three

Understand Our Healthcare Choices

Session Four

Choose a Proxy and Provide Specific Instructions

Session Five

Create the Best Gift Ever

Session Six

Start Living in God’s Kingdom Now

Bibe Study Videos
Physicians don't make end-of-life healthcare decisions, you do.

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