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What meeting planners are saying...


"Hattie kicked off the year for us at our annual leadership meeting. The immediate reaction and the conversations afterwards told me that she hit a home run in her delivery of the topic of extreme importance. Hattie has helped us jump start our new effort on advance care planning.​"

Lee B. Sacks, M.D., Executive Vice President, 

Chief Medical Officer, Advocate Health Care
Chief Executive Officer, Advocate Physician Partners

"Like a horse at the starting gate, Hattie took off with a passion and pace that won the race!  She clearly has done her homework.  Her detail, delivered in a whimsical and easy to understand manner, was wonderful.  Our group took to her message with a thirst that was finally quenched by someone who has been there.  Her love for Christ and people trumped any desire to drum up business.  One got the sense that she genuinely loved and cared for every person in the room.  She stayed as long as needed to ensure every person was valued and heard.  In a medical world that is increasingly impossible to navigate, Hattie charted a course that was fresh, informative and easy to follow."

Neil M. Montgomery

Pastor of Congregational Care
Scottsdale Bible Church

"Hattie Bryant is a dynamic speaker who presented a challenging topic with ease. Her knowledge, passion and energy captured the audience's attention. We received many positive comments from the attendees and I am looking forward to working with her again."

Kimi Moore-Macias, Event Producer, Successful Aging


"Hattie is an incredible and gifted speaker. She was able to encourage, affirm, and empower members of our community to live their lives fully. We are able to invest in our members and others within our community through seminars focused on End-of-Life issues. Our goal is to invest in them the importance of being prepared and taking the stress off both them and their families. Partnering with Hattie was a stroke of genius, as she was able to hold their attention and provide a message of hope in times when it seems there is none. If you are responsible for investing in seniors and caregivers, you will not go wrong partnering with Hattie and getting her on your schedule."  

Allen Christopherson, Associate Pastor, The Worship Place at Sun City

"The members of my organization loved Hattie. Comments from the meeting evaluations included: she was energetic; passionate about her topic; inspirational and at the same time gave us practical advice; wish she had been given more time; and, this was the best presentation of the event. If you have seniors or caregivers in your audience, they should hear Hattie."

Carol Hunter, Chairman, Alabama Council of Hospital Auxiliaries 2017 

"For more than a decade I have coordinated CEU (continuing education) for nurses and social workers. I am the person who sorts through the session evaluations and I have never seen as many positive reviews and comments as Hattie received for the two sessions she did for us. Her deep knowledge means her session is full of valuable content and her enthusiasm makes the 90 minutes fun and memorable. Hope I can have her back!"  


"Thank you so much for presenting your workshop here last night. It was very well received and much appreciated.  One person wrote, 'Who would have thought that an evening discussing end-of-life decisions could be enjoyable? But that's just how I would describe Hattie Bryant's presentation - informative, enlightening, enjoyable.  Hattie connects with people in ways that take the "scary" out of a serious subject and make the material easy to understand.  Her relatable stories and upbeat delivery encourage listeners to examine their own situations, ask questions, and take action.  Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us.'" 

Margaret Stauffer, LMFT  | Chief Mission Officer
Cancer Support Community San Francisco Bay Area

"Highly educated on her subject and highly energized in her delivery, Hattie Bryant, for 90 minutes, completely captured the attention of every person at our I’ll Have It My Way seminar.  Everyone present went away inspired and motivated to take control of our end-of-life decisions and choices. We left grateful for Hattie’s passion and expertise on a difficult subject, but determined to follow through and act on her wisdom and in so doing leave a profound gift of pre-planning with our loved ones when we are gone."         Reverend Mary Hulst | Pastor Emerita
Calvary Baptist Church of Denver

"Hattie was wonderful!  In one day she presented three times - to physicians and residents for CME, to nurses for CEU, and then again that evening at an open event for the community.  The conference center was packed with people eager to hear her message, and they weren't disappointed.  Attendees told me that this was refreshing and powerful information that they can use to take action to either create or improve their own advance care directive."

The Rev. Christine McNeal, Advocate Aurora Health

"Humana offers classes that help improve our members' mental and physical health and well-being, and we're proud to have had Hattie speak at one of Humana's neighborhood centers in New Orleans.  She not only filled the room; it was clear to me that those in attendance appreciated that they were learning about a topic that most simply don't want to think about. Hattie is fun to listen to and she makes the subject matter flow with ease.  I watched the folks who came and can can say that they were fully engaged."

Matt Berger, Humana Regional President, Guld States Senior Products


Hattie's lively and instructive presentation, rich with real-life examples, guides and encourages the audience to begin the most important life work they can ever do--take personal responsibility for making decisions that only they can make. She makes what seems impossible possible."

Alan Foster, Executive Programming Services

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